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Hey SA,   Sorry I’m causing problems again!  It’s embarrassing!  I think I’ve paid, shouldn’t have been a problem.  Believe it or not I’ve been learning how to analyze stocks and opened a Robinhood account.  I’m making money but I’m waiting to lose it al by hitting wrong key!  The computer,  very difficult and frustrating.  Hopefully y’all will help me out?  

Thank you, I’m really, really sorry about earlier issue. There is no excuse but I had been on computer way to long with little rest. Thanks for your help!

My notifications aren’t populating either?

what do you want? Already screwed me over

Hey Leena, I was hoping you'd contact me as I need to speak with somebody. My daughter is in town and I'm meeting her for lunch. I hoe to here from y'all later. I'm very puzzled Leena.

Good morning, surprising to see messages this morning! Imagine what editors must think.

Please stop. Please! How can you send messages like these? Not possible. Pictures! 

Please stop sending messages. That looks like acct or CC #2018071410000089 I'm not sending for you. 

Imagine somebody following blue lights, opening emails and sending them. People would think him crazy. Thanks

What do you want? I don’t know you? I’m nobody, never heard of you. Why?  You care to answer. Do you have access to my personal info? Credit Card?