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Thank you for the feedback. We are working on it and hopefully you'll see it in action in near future versions.

Thank you for your patient.

To delete a stock tap on the "edit (pencil) " icon.

At the bottom of an article you’ll find the share button. Thus button launches the devices sharing menu. 

Could you share a screenshot?

Thank you for reporting. Could you please explain in more details? What do you actually see? Numbers not moving? Not showing the numbers? 

Sharing a screenshot might help us to better understand.

Uninstalling the app will not delete your portfolio. Your data is stored in the server. 

All you need to do it login with the same credentials.

Thank you for your useful feedback. 

We are planning to add "print" and "save" options to the share menu. 

Stay tunes to future updates.

Coming soon. It's currently under development.

At the end of every article you’ll find a share button which opens the OS share menu.