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SA DOES have an issue w/it’s default to opt-in on any & all notifications just like I got this. I’m up to nearly 1000 & am working w/a particular SA developer to resolve this issue I hope gets resolved for everyone. We don’t want to clear them when we never opted in for them to begin with why don’t you see & repair this hugely intrusive & legitimate issue?  Change the defaults to opt-out of all notifications unless a member chooses to folllow a thread, not other people’s app problems which wake me up at all hours of the night. It’s evident that hundreds upon hundreds of other SA members/followers are having major issues w/this app. Why don’t you address the global issue & stop applying fixes that no longer apply?  SA’s app is a mess, please fix the larger issue, I can send you my emails b/c despite my dozens upon dozens of requests these are consuming my email & destryomg my faith in SA. This is so poorly handled I look forward to resolution one way or another Monday, I’m fine to walk from the site & demand refunds for my premium subscriptions b/c they’re  not even accessible yet all of these “notifications” which we have no ability to clear or stop of other members complaints are constantly disseminated, populated & delivered  at all hours of everyday the moment you write in about your own issue w/o a single glitch, if only the information we truly need worked that way. Unreal!

We want to respond the app is so dysfunctional right now we can’t but I have it on good word it is being fixed so hang tight. We are equally frustrated w/the current situation. SA developers are working in a fix right now. Spoke to management today so please be patient!

PLEASE HELP STOP MY RECEIVING NOTIFICATIONS  VIA EMAIL REGARDING EVERY  BUG, USER ISSUE OR OTHER COMMENT.  DESPITE MY MULTIPLE REQUESTS OVER THE LAST SEVERAL WEEKS I have received HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS. I’’ve written numerous times w/no solution or response to my  pleas for these to just stop coming to me any longer. Now as I am recovering from chemo & beyond exhausted at 4:15 am CST, my cell is chiming b/c at least 50 new user complaints have come in over the last 30 minutes, it’s enough. Please make this site work again & please stop these notifications-they should be OPTIONAL not automatically sent as that  is the app’s default which is almost as absurd as how messed up all of my premium subscriptions are, if I could even sign in to view them on any consistent basis.. Please stop these user bugs/issues thread from blowing up my email & especially not at 4:15 am & they aren’t letting up my phone is chiming every 2 seconds. Please fix ASAP & update me in a SEPARATE email. I’m so tired, just need to sleep, it’s a colossal waste of all our time & I’m getting to where I’m going to cancel

every subscription w/full refunds b/c once I provide the pages upon pages of user issues w/SA’s site which have been ongoing for at least a year, no one would argue I should pay $1000 for services I can’t access-PLEASE STOP THESE THREADS ASAP!

Thank you 

Ms. Natan all my problems returned as well after you reset me & I relogged I’m not seeing my premiums of The Dividend Hunter, Biotech Forum, only Insider Forum & I cant get everybody’s problems from coming to me to stop so please fix this it’s lutetalk a problem every other week or few days . Why can’t you guys fix this once & for all? I’m over paying for everything b/c I’m so delayed getting in if I get in at all. Notifying Bret Jensen, Tim Plaehn, it’s not fair when I’m paying full price & not able to access services still & I see everybody is having the same problems & their problems are clogging up my emails & no matter how much I ask you won’t assist me. Just cancel & refund if you can’t deliver a real lasting fix. It’s not fair of right & these non-stop complaints are ridiculous opt me out it shouldn’t be an automatic opt in. This service has changed for the worse I’m sad to say & you can’t seem to keep up w/any updates why? Please can you fix & give me access to my premium services & get extended b/c it’s not fair.

Thank you!


Forgive me but sadly this is funny & true, best way it thus far yet still no fix in the works or planned or we are & will be the very last to know!!

Ms. Nathan as I’m sure you & your fellow developers can see there are numerous issues MANY loyal SA members have been reporting that represent significant problems & changes that have or certainly appear to have been largely ignored. We can’t update or change our portfolios, charts, comments & most days articles including premium services don’t populate. This has gone on for over 1 year w/very brief respites interrupted by iPhone or android updates which is the norm in the climate we  currently live in (& is only going to get worse).  Why doesn’t SA send just 1 email to it’s many deserving,  loyal members & address your intended “fix” and the changes you have made and the whys when clearly so many people are terribly unhappy or feel largely ignored? I keep asking w/no response for months on end why can we not find the chat rooms to our premium services but yet when reporting an issue or commenting on changes that we want put in place or simply restored THAT you have set to default that we automatically receive every comment or issue reported? If we can’t sign in then how do we change it? Why is this even a default, it seems like an invitation for more dissatisfaction when we see our issues validated over & over.  Why can’t we access the comments on articles that bring meaningful dialogue & views that are productive yet these redundant bugs, issues, difficulties, feedback you request is allowed to clog our mailboxes w/no end in sight.  This auto opt-in needs to be a box WE specifically check & not the automatic default it currently is. I will say the only upside is I now see that my reported difficulties are not at all unique to me. That my inability to access SA chosen & premium authors is clearly not a limited or unusual problem, but like so many others have said it has & continues to persist now for over a year. We all miss the site that once existed, the one that was so user friendly & was my first stop & now has become my last stop due to barriers beyond my control.  I find myself less & less dependent or enamored, for lack of a better way to phrase, w/Seeking Alpha’s site as I simply don’t have the time to waste. Is there no one that sees the growing, lengthy & rapidly climbing dissatisfaction & frustration among the very people that ensure you remain relevant & profitable?  It’s mind boggling as a prior programmer & Head of Investor Relations for a Fortune 500 company to see just how easily this can & should be dealt with yet it all just persists. We see SA continue to appear reactive w/o a sense of urgency when at the very least they should be proactive and apologetic. The hubris with which this all has been dealt w/is ironic as we often comment negatively on the CEOs whose lack of humility has landed them & their company’s stocks in a downward spiral.  Need I list the many names, this site should be doing everything to regain the use & trust of it’s user base & yet significant issues from over a year ago persist or recur & we are losing our confidence in SA’s ability to view our feedback as meaningful enough to address overall vs. putting out fires in the middle of a raging blaze that you seem completely unaware of despite so many reports which take members time & effort to communicate w/you. Will SA ever respond on a more global scale?  

Written w/respect & meant to be constructive.

Same here can’t locare any premium services emails are blogs not chat rooms. Everyone is having problems something about there most recent app update created more problems than it fixed.

Ditto, welocome to the new SA, it’s awful!

The default is checked so that you are automatically opted in for every comment thread as my email is blowing up to the most innocuous report of technical issues as I & several hundreds are having. I received your comment despite asking a SA developer directly via a support comment that was hidden as it was connected to another response to a user. It’s a miracle that I spotted it but despite my pleas for the developers to repair this default the issue was ignored as is the numerous glitches that go unfixed or are tentatively fixed for hours but go right back to an unusable or far less helpful & reliable app that this was 4 yrs. ago. Now the norm is problem after problem &!I say we stop visiting the site until ALL issues are resolved & an email we all can open w/the developers long term plan to resolve the app related issues that the hundreds of comments that are clogging my inbox every few minutes STOP. This violates all our rights so glad to find someone who truly gets it. I say no visits to the pp translates in no clicks & less $, might be only way to get help not for a few hours but once & for all!

I got lost fell asleep thru the user Echo portion of this process. I dozed right after last email for 2.45 hrs to awaken in  pain & require another injection. So sorry didn’t know where I was nor why, seemed Lille back office operations & I was unable to complete due to the affect of the IV Morphine. Pain is recurring must stop & focus o.n my care. Nurse stated  I woke intermittently & insisted on getting this done but I have only a vague memory of being lost. Please let’s try again later, much today if I’m better. Nurse is taking my phone so I will sleep.

My apologies, we’ll pickup another time as soon as I am stabilized. Thank you for your understanding & patience thru a difficult time.