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Don’t even go straight to the app when they start losing enough clicks they just might fix it. This has been going on since May that’s ridiculous! No clicks no money & I feel bad for the people who deserve to be paid but the premium services should put pressure on Seeking Alpha developers to fix this problem or delete this connection to the app as it worked fine w/o it & the delay is an annoyance anyway.  I will cancel ALL of my services if this isn’t fixed w/i 5 days & the good people behind the premium services should be upset w/the developers not their loyal clients who have been cheated out of their services for months.

I’ve written & I’m getting nowhere I have premium subscriptions I don’t know why they make us “tap this app” now b/c I can’t get in haven’t been able to get in & Im paying for services I’m not able to use. They won’t respond, I got an email about renewing a service I really like but I can’t deal w/these non-stop technical glitches. I have had the same password for 4 yrs. it won’t accept it. I requested a password reset, they sent several but none were  resets, but I’m getting all of these comments that show me it’s not just me by a long shot. Apple is going to update every month so they have to delete this connection b/c it never happened for the first 3 years I say get rid of it or pay a price of your loyal subscribers. I had the old update it didn’t work so I grabbed the newest so I don’t know what we can do but the less clicks the less money they make, maybe we all protest & walk away until they fix it once & for all - SA what do you want US to do beg? I actually have so fix it once the right way Apple has numerous updates learn to deal w/it please. I’d appreciate any updates.

Good luck!

Neither could I, it took me 2-4 weeks of trying & just today I got on but I GOT NO HELP what’ from SA Support staff. You may need to reload app, hear new app version 3.6  read twig have app fixes these bugs & it might work for you then. There has been zero support from SA, it’s just awful esp. for those of us whom are paying for services & were denied & some still continue to be denied service. It’s not right but what can you do? Try writing & good luck reloading the new app.


I can’t get any help on this either & I need to reset my password but the link has no way to do so & I’m missing premium authors!

I can’t get in since an apparent update, can’t virw my premium servives for same reason. Can’t reset password w/o password! The reset doesn’t work w/o password so I can’t reset my password which works on my iPhone & iPad app w/no trouble but won’t poplulate info. on gmail saying need to have SA app which I do.  Let me know if you get help please you aren’t alone,, thanks.