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Hi, This shows how to edit the lots. Thank you. The "Edit portfolio" though is grayed out - I replied with a screenshot in a separate reply. To me Edit portfolio is the intuitive way to do this - I would not have tried clicking on the number of shares to do this unless you had showed me above.

It's honestly become a useless feature in SeekingAlpha. I am  "free" user, but I am a longtime user so the site has been able to "show" ads to me for many many years. The functionality is getting poorer and poorer for me though. If this featuire is not working I'd have to go somewhere else to track portfolio and read articles (most articles here are locked anyways nowadays...)

The new portfolio view is incorrect, which is pretty bad for this function, and I don't seem to be able to edit holdings at all - it's all grayed out. This is now an ok feature anymore unfortunately.