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I think the ad blocker causes the verify icons not to show up.  Try pausing ad blocker and refreshing the page.   When you open tabs in quick succession, eg x amount in y seconds,  the robot checker thinks you are a robot pounding the site and asks you to verify yourself before continuing.  Interesting that chrome should cause it to happen more, maybe it is a more efficient browser so it sends more requests to our servers faster.

Is it possible you mistyped your email when you logged in and the app created a new user for you?  you can try to log out and log in again.

What happens if you pull to refresh ?  slide your finger down to refresh.

Your notifications appear to be set up and working.  I just sent you a test headline about "Summit Hotels".  Did you receive it ?

Do you have any ad blocker set up or any other browser plugin that modifies web pages ?

I encourage you to please post feedback like this (but worded more professionally) as a comment to the original article.  The feedback forum is mostly for issues with the site or mobile apps and the authors do not read it.

We are fixing the charts in the next release coming this month

Thanks for taking the time to report this error but there is no context here to understand what you are referring to.  Is this about an article ?  If so, at the bottom of the article is a link to report a factual error in the article.

In any case, Incentivize is a legitimate word.

You seem to have created two accounts by mistake.  one with a misspelling where you had "con" at the end of your email rather than "com" .

First, I activated your account with the correct email.   You need to log out of the website and any apps where you have logged in with the ".con" email.  

Please reinstall your app and log in with .com address and you should start receiving notifications again.