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Easy, just click "forgot password" in the app,  it will email you a link you can use to log in automatically.  No password needed.

We are not showing pre-market indices based on futures, so you are seeing closing prices.  

If they are wrong during the market day, please send examples so we can check.

Hi, we are about to launch a beta release of our brand new app.  Are you interested in being an early access tester ?

Thanks for your feedback, we are about to launch a Beta of our brand new app, are you interested in being a beta tester ?  The app is different but we hope it will be much more stable and we will be able to add much more functionality which is not in the current app.

Thank you,  If you could please submit a review in Google Play store it would be greatly appreciated !

Via a licensed broker-dealer

Has it started working ?

uninstall both apps and reinstall them again and log in with the correct email

Do you get an error ?  please post it here.