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its on your author profile page and indexed by Google.

we no longer offer this service.

Hi, we are in the process of migrating from Factset company descriptions to CapIQ, so please contact both data vendors to ensure that their descriptions are updated. Once they are updated, they will filter down to our platform.



Yes, I dont see anything new from our contributor network

Its a bug will be fixed in 3.10.14 which will be out in a few days

We are preparing a fix for the app store.  Sorry for the inconvenience

We have a problem with ipad 10 which we are fixing this week.  I suggest you wait a few days until the 3.10.14 release comes out and then uninstall and reinstall from the app store.

Click  "forgot password" and you will get an email with link to click on

There may be something wrong with your app saved memory.  Uninstall and reinstall the app from the app store.

We are releasing an update to the app this week.  Sorry for the inconvenience