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I fully agree with the title. Proper Epyc Rome reviews: You just need to look at the Performance per Dollar and Performance per Watt charts to understand why this CPU is a massive improvement over Intel's solutions. For datacenters, TCO is critical. @EnerTuition - some corrections regarding performance: "Some workloads, especially AI related ones, Intel leads due support for Google bfloat16 instructions. Some of Intel’s chips are also advantaged due to high performance AVX-512 implementation which AMD does not have." Bfloat16 is not yet available on Intel/AMD CPUs. Intel will have on the Cooper Lake Xeons, due in 2020 (don't hold your breath). By then Zen3/Milan will also be out, and it may also bring BFloat16 and AVX512. Ice Lake (Intel 10nm) might not even have BFloat16, which would be strange since it comes after Cooper Lake: Epyc Rome doesn't have AVX512, but benchmarks show that Rome's AVX2 (256bit) is as fast as Intel's AVX512 - see GROMACS benchmark: The only benchmarks where Intel still has an advantage are the single threaded ones due to higher boost clock speeds. However, no one buys a 64-core CPU to then just use one of the cores. When using many cores, clock speed drops and the advantage goes [massively] to AMD. Another benchmark where Intel wins is MKL-DNN... which is developed by Intel. Obviously only optimized for Intel, and using generic code for non-Intel CPUs. Intel also wins on MySQL/MariaDB - AMD says it's investigating, this one is abnormal.

I removed your app which was not getting notifications from our end since it was missing a token.  PLease try to uninstall and reinstall and you should start to receive them

please uninstall and reinstall the app.  I cleaned out some old tokens, so this should restore your notifications.

Please uninstall and reinstall the app.  YOu were missing a token.

Please uninstall and reinstall the app.  You are missing a token.

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Please uninstall and reinstall the app.  You were missing a token,