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please clear your temporary internet files on the browser and try again.  This seems to fix the problem for some users

Hi Scout.  Click "Show Full Stories" to see the Premium layout where you can scroll through and read all items in one view without pictures.

For those of you who have a Premium subscription.  Click "Show Full Stories" to see a scrolling view where you can read through all items.  We removed the large pictures from this view after seeing your feedback.

Hi Gatsu, go to your portfolio and click on the "earnings" tab to see upcoming earnings dates for your stocks and the "Dividend" tab to view the ex divs, payout dates etc.  Click the column headlines to sort.

Hi all, thanks so much for the feedback, we have already taken some actions here and submitted change requests to bring back some of the features like showing the number of new items which arrived after you scrolled down. Persisting the "new items" message. Looking into the highlighting logic as well for the new items.

We are putting in a change to remove the marketing images from the premium scrolling experience. Thanks for the feedback.

You can try logging in with your other email and see if your portfolio is there.

I see you were refunded yesterday by our support team. 

Log out of Seeking Alpha on your macbook and log in again.  Be sure to use the exact same mechanism to log in. It appears that you did a login with Apple and decided to hide your email from us.  Now your subscription is attached to your hidden email.  So, if you login with Apple on the macbook and choose to hide your email, we will find your subscription.