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Hi, thanks for reporting this issue, our editorial teams takes these issues seriously, but they do not man the feedback forum.  At the bottom of every article, there is a section to report factual errors...  please submit the report there so they can be in touch directly. Thanks 

We are working on a feature to allow you to integrate your real brokerage accounts, our plan is to make this available for premium subscribers.

Please post a screenshot so I can route the issue to the correct team

Click on Display settings inside the app menu

I dont see anything from that date, but the way you find it is by going to the symbol page and clicking on one of these tabs:

yes I see the issue, thanks for reporting it.  I am assigning a developer to fix it.

I still see this working, could you please send a screenshot of what you see ?  Here is what I see.

Please update your app to the latest version from the app store.  There are some older versions where the prices no longer load because we changed stock quote vendors, 

We had a brief issue this morning, please swipe away and restart the app and the problem should go away