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Thanks, please let us know if the problem persists

Yes, a subscription to premium on desktop will allow access to premium on mobile or vice versa.  Just be sure to login with the same email on both devices.

Thanks for your feedback.   Are you asking for a custom portfolio view where you could specify exactly which columns you want to see all the time ?   

You can sort by newest, oldest or most liked, look for the icon below

The main reason was to give people basic functionality in portrait mode since all of the rightward and downward scrolling in portrait mode is not all that user friendly. We were not picturing that people are really performing advanced work on a tiny screen width but we wanted to make all portfolio features available for advanced users.   That is the compromise we made.  That being said, there is a movement internally to make all the tabs and all the rightward scrolling available in portrait mode as well. 

We are planning to increase the font size based on the text size settings of your iphone.  Do you adjust the text size settings to make other apps bigger as well ?

Hi, There is a lot of data including the company description in the summary tab, just scroll down.

We are going to be adding tabs with even more data, but everything which used to be in the old apps under "More data" (and a lot more!) is now on the summary tab when you scroll down....

Great !  Let us know if you have any questions or if there is something you are missing.  Glad to help.

Click on the name of the portfolio, which has the symbol of a drop down menu next to it ...  You should see a menu with all of your portfolios.  

Sorry about that.  Click on the share count to see a menu which will show "Add Lot, Edit lot and Delete lot" Delete the duplicate.