Your comments

Thanks johnboy & Jack for your supporting comments...

the more who have the issue, the sooner it will be resolved.

Same here...

Many sites having problems are respectful enough of their members to post a banner indicating they know they're having a problem.

Me too! 

Seems no comment posted after 3am are showing.

Today, every new article beneath My Portfolio is shown to discuss the symbol "T" (AT&T), though they do not discuss T. This makes the new article listing unhelpful.

Thank you...and how were we to know that? The handle you identified is barely visible. I would still not know of it had you not replied!

Thus your reply is another reason SA should have advised us in advance of this SURPRISE change, and also told us why these changes were made.

There's much to like about SA; however, if it intends to be is "user friendly"--it has a ways to go.

The new and smaller box for inserting our comments is far too small, as it makes editing the comment unnecessarily difficult.

SA's having reduced the comment box without explanation suggests it wants to encourage very brief comments. 

One would assume an organization that depends upon members and subscribers would routinely advise them of changes before they were implemented--and include a brief explanation of its reasoning.

Frankly, I don't like the new sorting, and IMO the default should be chron order (as before this morning).