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2-7-20 4:23pm PST - One portfolio has zeroed all todays price gain/loses. Another is still showing its gains/losses for the day but continues to show 100% gains in RHHBY, NILSY, TCNNF.


2-7-20 11:36am Portfolios are registering today's prices ok except following tickers show 100% gain: RHHBY, NILSY, TCNNF

All my portfolios show zero gain for the day across all tickers except a few showing 100%. Has gone on all week. My portfolios are quite extensive, some holding 50+ tickers. Please let us know what's going on. We can't be the only ones with this problem.

Being able to see the days percentage gain in the Holdings tab was one of the most helpful tools for me. It was also very nice to see the daily gains at the bottom of the chart. Please bring these features back.

Yes, this no longer available as of 11-25-19. Also can no longer view percent change of each holding for the day or total accumulated. Can no longer edit to add buys/sells. SA is making the portfolio management a useless feature for my purposes.