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QGet this.

1) I am logged into my own account, reading my own article notifications then bam!  Press & Hold bullshit.

2) I am logged into my account, several minutes into reading an article and its comments.  I decide to reply to a comment then bam!  Press & Hold bullshit.

3) Seeking Alpha still sends advertisements / promotions to my email, asking me to subscribe to its services.

This has happened for years and SA still hasn't fixed it.  

Also, no, I am not disabling my adblock.

In case the message isn't clear: 

I don't care how good the information is on SA.  If the user experience is shit, then don't expect a subscription.

Also, asking me to disable my javascript / cookie blocker to verify that I am not a robot is a non-starter.

Sorry SA, you aren't special enough for me to open my web browser to risks.

I agree.  It is bullshit and annoying as hell, especially if I am already logged-in.  This is only one of several SA bugs I've encountered over the past few months and it is driving me to look for another platform.

I have the same problem.

Firefox 80.0.1 (64-bit)

Windows 10