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The good part about your website is not you, SAmateur webmonkeys, it's the community. With every action you've taken in trying to monetize this website, you make it worse and worse. I've recommended this website to at least 4 people, but the last one had a free article limit slap him in the face after I said "the website will try and charge you money but there's great stuff to get from just a free account."

Yeah, I'm -never- going to recommend this website again, and I'll be looking even harder for somewhere to jump to. BTW, SA "Premium" access, if I wanted to throw you money, is not worth $30/month, it's worth less than $10/month from me, but I don't even have that option, because you're just that ****ing greedy.

Garbage mobile centric, ultra-bloated design philosophy.

I go to my brokerage to find out stats on my portfolio. I come here for just singular price and news articles, but mostly the news articles. I go to Yahoo Finance or my brokerage to get better stats.

Know your customer, know your place.

Loving the premium spam IN my feed now.

I would've thrown you $5 a month a year ago. A year from now, I see it more likely I won't have an account.

Popups hijacking browser behavior, sticking you at the top of articles when you were trying to see the newest comments, locking free features under "notable calls".

This website will burn as you chase away your value.

I love how shit the status page is.

Twice now I've gone to articles from notifications and seen no comments, and sometimes while under the 10 day limit I'm having the same problem. When this problem manifests itself, I'm not seeing my profile icon or notification numbers in the top.

Reloading the page has not fixed it. The notification and which comments were new is also lost.

It appears to be happening especially on articles at the 9-11 day window. Actually, I think that's the only ones I've hit so far with issues. does not have any comments showing when I click it.

It does not work. I clicked the "Track Comments" button on the article "Micron: We're In The Chips"

And it is now >10 days old, and I cannot see the comments that were posted in that article any longer, since I never commented on it.

I clicked an article and saw comments I disagreed with. I thought about posting my own perspective, then I thought I had better things to do with my time.

I'm a hobby investor, and the research should direct me towards passive index fund investment and maybe a tiny self-selected stable of buy and hold forever stocks... instead I enjoy reading about stocks and businesses, thus, SeekingAlpha falls into entertainment/leisure for me.

So, $5-10/month is what I'd be willing to pay to support this place, which is also in keeping with the asset management cost that typical individual investors are actually dealing with.