Your comments

agreed, can't imagine why SA feels this is an improvement...a great site now not so great

well, the more I use the "improved" app on my Android phone the more I hate it...who brainstormed this, a bunch of 3rd, it's so terrible...the only thing i can think of is SA wants less traffic 

proterrificmastertrader, I have found a way to see responding messages...go to the desktop computer version, not the app but the version you have on your COMPUTER...once there click the BELL icon, top right hand corner and those responses to your comments will be revealed.

I'm using the site less every day and use it primarily to check stock prices

if its not broke don't fix it...what a shame as I used to look forward to this site, not anymore.  Was considering the Premium and paying but not after this disaster 

Another thought, if I get your comment via E mail, why not comments to the posts via E mail?

And why the confirming letters before posting the reply?

OK, apologize thought you were being a wise guy...Yup, this is a real problem.  I found a customer service number, 1-347-509-6837.  The guy was appreciative and was supposed to write me back via E mail within 10 minutes but that never happened.  I find the comments are more interesting than the post itself so not being able to easily"see" individual comments is unacceptable.

yes I know that you're just confirming what I posted

It's GONE...I haven't a clue where it can see individual posts on stocks but you can't find responses to that post.  For example, if I read a post and comment I can no longer find someone's response to my comment...

so how would you find a reply from someone if you can't remember which post it came from?