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Hi Vic - do you use an alternative for tracking portfolio. Would appreciate a recommendation if you use a good one elsewhere

There is no merit in the portfolio management part of this. I will not be taking up premium as I had hoped to. Congratulations on sticking with a failed new design that is going to lose SA customers

Hi Jerry - did you find a better alternative. I dont intend to pay for the premium after my trial period ends as the portfolio management on this site is horrible. I like the articles and research capabilities, but if I cant manage my portfolio and see earned dividends, I'd rather to to MorningStar premium, which at least allows for good research and reports and has a portfolio tracker which appears to be better than this

This was posted 7 months ago and the problem is still not fixed - is this what you mean when you ask for patience? As for continued support - you can forget that if you take more than 7 months to fix a cosmetic issue!!

I completely agree. It is such a pain to look at a list of stocks where every lot is listed on a separate line. And the summary page doesn't show you the consolidated share count either (and neither can you customise it to add that in a new column). SA seem to have let the IT guys loose on this and most of them probably dont trade or manage a portfolio. I've only just signed up to the free trial of the premium version, but if SA are going to let IT guys loose on the design of this site without any feedback taken from users (or feedback listened to after the fact), I doubt if I will be using the paid version after the trial. It's pathetic how people who dont know what theyre doing are allowed to design a site