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Ah, yes - that does match-up with my experience. I am in a somewhat similar role as you, so I do appreciate the challenges and your efforts.



step2 - nothing new to see.jpg

I attached a couple of screen shots. The issue is less pervasive than it was when I posted the problem, but it still happens. 

Step1 is me seeing the "3" next to the "My Portfolio" menu. Step 2 is what I see when I then go to my portfolio - nothing new and no number next to the "View Headlines" button. When I scrolled down to the news, etc., there was nothing there that I hadn't already seen minutes earlier. Now things seem to be in sync. Later, this will happen again and again. 

The other aspect of my frustration was the promotion of "Pro" in the "Latest" section. Promoting it there is fine, but it stood out as possibly being the "news" item that was leading me through this frustrating cycle.