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After two months, My readership is very much down. I can't believe this is working the way management wanted. The worst thing is the garbage article I see that has a good title. Then open and read it, and just move on, because there is nothing of substance there. Waste 20% of my monthly allotment. I would be so much more accepting of 5 views per day....

For no reason the Dividend News tab has been removed from all companies. Other stocks are showing teh wrong dividend too. Charts only showing an annual payment on Acre Capital, etc

Good point that the whole "network effect" that makes things like comments valuable -  "engagement" is another way they put it - disappears when you can only look at a handful of articles a month. Poorly thought out. 

If YouTube limited the number of videos you could comment on.... just imagine

It looks like they destroyed the free account starting January 4th (by implementing a monthly free article limit). There is a bigger thread about this hovering near the top of the forum. I suggest you comment there. 

I hit my free limit before even reading an article. Just by going down my portfolio news page and opening them off into tabs. I completely agree with the above, many of these articles are opinion and not thorough research. To gate for them is a travesty. SA is just joining a long list of websites I'll have to give up because of terrible design decisions.