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have you tapped on the price change box to toggle between decimal and percent?

Hi John. I recreated my SA watchlists on the Yahoo app this morning. All this nonsense w the SA app forced me elsewhere. There are a few extra steps w Yahoo like manually alphabetizing when you add a new symbol. But there’s more data available and it’s accurate. Very sad about SA. 

I am migrating back to Yahoo's app. I know - bizarre. It functions, has accurate data, and has many more features now. SA went in the completely WRONG direction w. their redesign. It's almost useless now. Hard to understand. I can't begin to express my disappointment. I would pay for their app if they would restore it.

I too want to delete this app now as the Portfolio is almost totally useless. What was SA thinking?

yes very annoying. Really wish I wasn’t forced to install new version when the old one broke