Your comments

I just unsubscribed from ALL SA emails.

Sorry SA.

I dont pay for opinions (which is what most of SA is).  I would hear contradictory SA views on the same investments, read both sides and make my own decisions.  But there are plenty of other free forums for that.  If you want my money: you have to do more than sell opinions and news that is publicly available.

I can get free news and views from MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, GuruFocus, Zacks Research, Motley Fool etc.

Plus I have in-depth analysis from each of my brokerage accounts: Fidelity, Invesco, WellsTrade, Schwab; plus I subscribe to CNBC, Bloomberg on Direct TV and SiriusXM.

It takes more than contradictory opinions and public news to pry funds out of my investment seed capital into a monthly subscription.

In the past: had Kiplingers and Motley Fool subscriptions but found that the same insights were available without a subscription so I stopped paying for them.  The 1990s subscription model died for me decades ago.

You would need serious in-depth analysis that would need to be significantly better or different than what I already have access to.  SA just lost me.  You value your subscription more than I do, we are at an impasse.  Good luck