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I get this on my iOS devices all the time. I see no possibility of complying with the requested settings, so it just looks like a screwup!

I thought I read that this problem had been solved. How wrong can you be! It has got 100 times worse! Now it even came up when Help & Support opened a new window. This is really showing us how incompetent SA’s IT Team is! My latest id is 5da88db0-5c18-11eb-8093-53ecfebce819.

Please do something about it, like yesterday!

I thought I read that you had solved this problem! If so you have caused me to invoke that lovely German expression “verschlechtbessern” which means that you have improved it for the worse!! Now, instead of encountering this occasionally, it happens every time !!!
My latest i’d was 5dffe9c0-5768-11eb-af5c-7f465dd0f476

Get a handle on it NOW

Here’s another one: d4c247d0-4f8c-11eb-8015-f92c09feed63

Just happened. Sickening!

At last I have one cc7af630-4f5f-11eb-a329-3599bf7e3943

Still no action, This is an annoying and stupid bug! Don’t you have a competent IT guy who can correct this ?

I use Firefox under iOS. This error message tells me to enable Javascript- it is enabled. Please get your act together or suppress contributors who do not know how to deal with multi-system differences. If you do not rectify this problem Inwill ditch Seeking Alpha!

Bill Maurer and Anton Wahlman continue to submit biased and dubiously founded arguments. The last one I saw had all of 14 likes! (very low) How many dislikes would it have had if this facility had been provided?

If you do not modify your system to provide this possibility, I will stop using Seeking Alpha on September 1 and recommend to my friends and contacts that they do the same! to