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This is a short test we're performing. You should see these notifications only very occasionally. If you mouse over the notification you will see a small 'x' in the right corner allowing you to dismiss the notification. 



If you could please take a screenshot of the offending ad we can handle it. 

Our apologies.

Go to the author's profile page and you'll see a 'send message' option on the right side of the page (I have highlighted it below). Best


Apologies for the issues you're experiencing. 

Which operating systems and versions of Chrome are you both on?

Would one of you be available to do a screenshare with us so we can try and diagnose this issue?

You are coming up as 'anonymous' here - what is your registered email address?

I'm am seeing info when I hover over BJK. Are you still seeing this issue?

Hi Marion,

Which OS and version of FF are you on? Also, can you please try logging in on a different browser? I want to understand if the issue is FF-specific or specific to your login.


That link appears to be working ok now. Please try again

This issue should now be fixed. Thanks for your help in identifying it!

This issue should now be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a great Thanksgiving!