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Which articles are you referring to specifically?

Glad you love Bret's service!

I have some good news around chat which is that we are in the process of replacing our current chat client with a much more stable version which should both resolve all of the current chat issues and offer additional functionality. 

This is already in dev which means it will be live sooner rather than later.

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Our server issues are resolved. I'll reach out directly via email to find out what other account you're trying to use as it sounds like you may have previously signed up with that account. 


We are currently experiencing some server issues which likely explains your issues here. They will hopefully be resolved soon.

You are correct - the tab you are referring to doesn't break out authors separately (this is something we will upgrade in the future). Each card does show whether the individual is a contributor or not allowing you to eyeball and unfollow anyone you wish to.

Hi Carla,

A brief word on our ad free subscription. What it does is allow you to use an ad blocker without getting our pop-up asking you to whitelist us. 

You should go ahead an install an ad blocker on your browser and you'll stop seeing ads. 

Please let us know if you need help selecting an ad blocker. I generally find Adblock Plus to be a quite good one. 


Thanks for the additional feedback Perkins - it is always appreciated. I'm not yet sure when we'll be making additional improvements to StockTalks.


I'll reach out directly by email.


Hi Anon,

It's hard for us to list every ad blocker in our whitelisting instructions. That said, I was able to find a youtube video explaining how to whitelist with uBLOCK Origin: 

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