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We have identified the issue and will be fixing it ASAP.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


First of all apologies for the issues you're experiencing. If you could please tell us your computer's operating system as well as which browser you're using, we will attempt to replicate this issue so we can solve it.


Hi Perkins,

Thanks again for bringing these issues to our attention. We really need to do a larger rethink around StockTalks, which this functionality will certainly be part of.



Our ad ops team has blocked from serving on SA.

All the best,


If you could please send along the URLs you are getting the 400 messages on, we'll investigate.



Our ad ops team is reviewing this issue. We'll let you know when it's resolved - or if it's unrelated to an ad we're running.



If you're on our iPad app we had an issue today which mistakenly asked users to add 5 new tickers to their portfolios. This should now be resolved. 

Please let us know if your issue persists.

Hi Perkins - this bug is now fixed on IE and Edge.

All the best

Confirming that we're seeing this issue in Edge/IE - but  that no issue exists in Chrome of FireFox. Thanks for reporting - we'll get this fixed.

Hi guys,

Please confer with our knowledge base topic on this subject here and let us know if your issues are still not resolved.