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Muted authors still showing up in my article feed...

I just have to know: who on your development management team decided it was a good idea to migrate to a new code base (your single layout model that everyone hates) WITHOUT first making sure that all of the old features were also migrated and working properly? Rookie mistake.

I will explain one more time - but I'm pretty sure SA is deleting my comments now:

SA development is trying to use a SINGLE layout (i.e., SINGLE code base) for ALL their device platforms.  So same layout on your phone, laptop, desktop. Since the screen real-estate is so different between all the various devices - it will - and does - suck for all.  The only way they can "fix" your issues is to abandon the single-layout model - which they obviously won't do because it's a $$$ issue. I'm just hoping we'll see some competition in this space soon...

I posted this before - I'll post it again: the SA development is trying to use the exact same layout on ALL devices - phone, laptop, large monitors (purely a development cost issue).

They have turned your computer browser window into a phone screen - and vice-versa.

It sucks for all.

The SA development has finally committed the same sin that has plagued so many other companies trying to deliver content on multiple platforms and multiple size devices: 

The belief they can deliver a single application that seamlessly scales across all device sizes; from 6 inch phones to 13 inch laptops to 50 inch monitors.  

This idea ALWAYS results in a "lowest-common-denominator" application - one that functions, but doesn't function well, on ANY device size.  If I'm on a 6-inch phone, i.e., very limited screen real estate, the app should show me only the most essential things, and I'll need to work a bit to see more.  But as I move up the "screen real-estate curve", the best designed apps show the user more things SIMULTANEOUSLY - all in one place - so I don't have to work to see more.

Sadly, one-app-fits-all-sizes designs are the worst.  Check out the SA app on your mobile device; you might not like the layout but at least the screen real estate is reasonably used.  Now check out your portfolio page on their website from your favorite computer browser; same app, same layout, absolutely terrible use of screen real-estate.  You can either look at your stock metrics, or you can look at the article/news feed - but not both simultaneously. You are constantly scrolling back and forth to find things. In essence the app forces you to use your computer browser window like a phone screen.  

I suspect this will not be fixed because it is a development resource issue, but there are a number of best-practices for these issues on the internet.  I suggest your developers read them.

Multiple windows on "screen real estate limited" devices - i.e., laptops - will never work.  And I suspect almost all of your users that are using their computers as their primary device are on laptops.

Try a simple exercise: fire up your browser on your computer, navigate to SA, go to your portfolio view.  Then decrease the width of the window that is displaying your portfolio 50% or more - so that you could possibly display TWO windows side-by-side (as you suggest).  Watch what happens... the portfolio disappears because the layout constraints are wrong (yeah I used to do this for a living).

Somehow this crop of young app developers never got the memo that you NEVER take away features from your customers.

To add some specificity to this, the previous layout, which predominately was side-by-side, made it much easier to actually use the website.  The left-hand pane could be scrolled and adjusted to control the contents of the right hand pane WITHOUT a lot of extraneous scrolling - in fact, switching portfolios required almost no scrolling.

With the new layout - basically single column vertical - you are constantly scrolling up and down (lots of scrolling up and down) when you want to switch portfolios.  Furthermore, because it's "single column vertical", as soon as I scroll down to look at more articles in my feed, the view of my current stock prices (and other info) is lost. I must scroll back up to see price data.  Lots and lots of scrolling up and down.

There is only one reason I can think of as to why you did this: you got tired of supporting different layouts for different devices, so you "dumbed-down" the computer browser layout to match the layout on mobile devices.  

Poor decision: you sacrificed significant functionality for a little more work.

Could the web support team please look at this? 

1) I have tried unmuting the author from my settings page and then manually re-muting him from his.  No change

2) I have tried completely deleting my cache and then re-starting the browser - also no change

This feature had been working fine until this morning.  

Same here - can't get into my portfolio at all.

Mine's working too. Thank you Daniel Hochman!!

I know. Who would have a "My Portfolio" page without the portfolio!

Another distinct possibility is SA can't replicate the issue or they don't know how to fix it. I found a feedback comment from several weeks ago with what appeared to be an identical issue that SA couldn't replicate. They suggested the old 'clear your cookies and cache' - which I tried but made no difference.

They definitely did something - I just don't know if what they did was a 'bug' or a 'feature'. I was on the site yesterday morning when it happened; I had been reviewing my portfolio and for whatever reason I refreshed the page - and the content in the portfolio pane just didn't come back.

But I would have thought they would have the courtesy of answering one of my e-mails...