Your comments

Both of course !  but given a choice of only on portfolio stock list.

Thanks and hope this will be acomplished.

any progress on pre market volumes?

What about pre market volume- SA in the past showed the pre market volume but no longer does or at least I am not seeing it.

Do you in fact post pre market volume?

please also make sure that volumes are updated as well as price high and lows. 
please advise when situation is fixed. 
Thank you in advance   

specific examples are ALL stocks in portfolio and time of day is THE ENTIRE TRADING SESSION.  The volume also does not update 

This happens when I go into "More Data ans Company Description"

still having same issue. 

Sorry to report but on my I phone it still shows 2018-09-27 which is of course not correct.

Kind regards

What you need to correct is the EX Dividend date as well.  Thanks