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same problem here. It occurred with the latest two updates (including today’s). I am running iOS 13.3 on iPhone 6S. Same thing happens on my iPad mini running iOS 12.4.2.

With V3.8.7 I am finally able to sign in.

Same problem on iPhone 6S, V3.8.3 and V 3.8.4 of SA, and latest update of iOS, 11.3.1

I have had the same problem on SA V3.8.3 and V3.8.4.  I have an iPhone 6S with the latest iOS 11.3.1.  SA keeps pushing me notifications to my iPhone but I cannot sign in (or out) of the app.

Yes, I am unable to sign in (V3.8.3, I enter my username but then the app immediately states "unable to communicate with SA") also. Previous version V3.8.2 did not update notifications so no new articles appeared.

Yes my portfolio is gone in Windows10 (latest version). As someone suggested below it is still under "My Portfolio" and then "Data". I can still see it on my iPhone mobile app. I am using Chrome. I tried MS Edge and MS Internet Explorer and they didn't work either. I have java scripting turned off but manually allowed scripting and that didn't work. My portfolio used to show up.