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Thank you for the report!
We have created an issue in our work backlog to fix it.

Hi Cahnman
Thank you for your report!
Could you specify an area where you can see content of muted authors?

Hi, HepMe
Thank you for your report!
Could you provide environment details (OS and Browser) to reproduce current issue?

Hi, alphadog2499 
Thank you for the report!
Could you provide more details to investigate an issue?
- Environment (OS/Browser)
- Symbol name
- Filters you use to generate the report

Thanks for the report!
Is issue still reproduces?
If yes, please, try to relogin

Dear User, I need some additional information regarding this issue, which may include your personal data. Please contact me on my e-mail Thank you.

Thanks for your report!

Curently it works as intended.

e.g. "Dow Jones" at the main screen of the app shows "Dow Jones Industrial Average" value.

By tapping this value, you can observe "SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF" details.