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Seeking Alpha, stop trying to send "notifications" and spam users constantly with pop ups

The pop-ups asking over and over to join the "premium service" never end 

Stop the ANNOYING Pop Ups Seeking Alpha 

Supposedly the POP UPS are limited to 3X a day but that is not true at all

but then they do drop-down pop ups now asking to send me notifications 

and other POP UPS that appear in the New Comments section 

Spamming more than the My Pillow guy 

Seeking Alpha trying hard to out-annoy its users even more than the My Pillow jerk 

Enough of the POP UPS for the premium service

Enough of asking me every time I use the site to "Send Me Notifications"

Seeking Alpha stop with all the POP UPS its annoying as hell 

Seeking Alpha, STOP the damn pop ups!!!!!  

Now you are doing another pop up trying to send me notifications.   

You are spamming your users to death 

Maybe Seeking Alpha's plan is to try to ANNOY PEOPLE enough to pay for their "Premium Service"

Seeking Alpha - stop trolling your users with POP UPS for your Premium Service 

You are worse than Geico Commercials or the My Pillow guy with your spam