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I've been asked to joined SA "Premium Service" over a dozen times today in less than two hours.  

Yep, pretty much every 10 clicks or swipes you get spammed to pay for their "Premium Service."

When they do it, I just leave. 

Yahoo Finance might have to be where I go too.

These days, I would guess Seeking Alpha wants to charge you for different fonts. 

You'll likely have to subscribe to their "Premium Service." 

I'm only halfway joking. 

Every 10 clicks I get asked to upgrade to Premium 


Every 10 clicks on Seeking Alpha I get asked to upgrade to premium.  ENOUGH  ALREADY

You people are worse than MyPillow commercials 

Very obnoxious. It is literally every 10 clicks. 


Seeking Alpha is doing their best "My Pillow" impersonation... spam people endlessly with their "premium service" pop ups. 

This site is getting worse and worse, constant pop-ups spamming for their "premium service"

Me too.. if they keep this up I'll just leave Seeking Alpha 

These pop ups are as bad as an endless stream of Liberty Mutual or MyPillow commercials