Your comments

Once again Seeking Alpha wants me to sign up for their Premium Service. 

I've only been asked over 1000 times before, and I don't want it anymore now than I did the first time you asked.

Somehow, you are determined to try to change this. 

Seems you've adopted the My Pillow blitzkrieg strategy to ANNOY PEOPLE TO DEATH 


STOP the annoying pop ups Seeking Alpha 

Obnoxious POP UPs never end from Seeking Alpha 

Your POP UPS never end ...... cut it out 

The POP UPS are obnoxious 

My Pillow guy can't keep up with Seeking Alpha's spam

Stop the POP UPS    you people are worse than the My Pillow spammer

Seeking Alpha STOP the pop ups  

you are worse than the My Pillow guy with the endless spam 

Stop the POP UPs they are obnoxious and screw up the comments