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no why? Users have been asking for it years ... so they spent time to f*ckup whole app, so it's almost not usable now... So dark mode is completely not necessary anymore. Which is really said ... it used to be one of best app and website about stocks.

Now if only about popups of commercials for paid service :-(

Me face is horrible and new Android app is complete FAIL!!!!

BASICALLY they change Android app to webbrowser, so we have same sh*ty view as on web.

Old version was clean and simple, easy for work with, we have all info in 4 tabs..

Now we have to scroll and scroll and scroll ... cannot find anything there.

So reverted to 4,29.3 version for now, once it stop working, i will uninstall it completely and will use Kiwi browser which has great night mode.

and if they going to keep screwing usability to even more sh*t then I will stop use SA at all.

Once tool stop give me what I need, them I move on. And SA authors working on breaking years perfectly working web quite hard lately, which is very said to watch :-(

And one more.

How can I made font bigger?

So, you made so so fancy sh*t and not implement resizing text?!?

You got to be kidding !!!!

Also people asked for night mode, so you made mobile app even more brighter, that's just redicules :-(

Why there are so huge spaces between posts?

Why each posts takes soooooo long time to load?

Why app talking almost double battery?

Why you made it soooo complicated?

Why you didn't provide night mode?

Why why why you update design to such sh*ty look?!?!?!? 

I have exactly the same issues on my android phone too 

Any reply from developers? Why? 

Seems you did not read recommended article at all!!! 

I use Iron or Firefox or Watherfox (both with NoScript and ABT disabled on SA).

Opera or Dragon or Comodo or Palemoon (no addon at all), but I still could not even post this replay!

Finally with Brave browser I was able to write reply ...

This is realy dissapointing :(

Completely annoying today! :(

NO! You are not!