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Thanks Daniel, much appreciated

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for looking at this issue. 

It's very strange, the Rida Morwa link you provoided works absolutely fine for me but despite deleting and re-adding various others that I keep an eye on, those still produce the error message "no articles for "authornamehere" tag"

For example:

Whereas Rida Morwa works. If you can advise, I'd be very grateful.

Seeing as the contributor article feed RSS went down at the same time as the comment feed RSS first went down, I guess soon you'll be killing off the contributor article RSS soon as well. 

Is there really any harm in leaving the functionality for people to get article and comment updates via RSS? It's not as if we don't then visit the site to read the articles or comments. 

Any update on the contributor feed? Still inop sadly..


individual contributor comment RSS feeds , for example:*6digitnumberhere*/comments.xml

The contributor article feed RSS was down but it appears now to be working again [*username*.xml

Comments RSS still down however, maybe it'll work its way back online soon