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When I open article, I get : This article is exclusive for subscribers.

BCE: This 5.1%-Yielding Stock Should Continue To Grow, But Shares Are Fairly Valued

2nd time this has happened.

Still no fix and it's gotten worse - no pricing update, no chart, etc.

I agree with Andrea.  Just noticed TUIFF's is reported as 

Asset Turnover Ratio 1.65%

It should be simply 1.65

I prefer to see the older "parents" first because that often influences the downstream comments, even if they're not the direct "children."  Not always but often.  Just saying.

You have to toggle it back to oldest first just above comment section each time you go to a new article.  

I use the headlines on the homepage.  It's the stocktalk in Latest Portfolio Headlines that's crowding out links to pieces in some instances that's bothering me (multiple stocktalk items in a small section).  There's been stocktalk in a separate section of the site for ages that I can take advantage of, should I desire.  Now it's jumped the border below Trending News into where i find pieces on my portfolios.  I can see where stocktalk could be useful, but the times I've looked, it's been of little or no value.

Thanks for your attention.  Hope my comments here help.