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Great. Thanks for issuing this very complete definition of FCF and, most importantly, making the correction on the SA website.

It isn't my definition; it is Seeking Alpha's ... which I don't think is correct. see my initial post above.

Yep. Everything seems back to normal again. THANKS.

I am having the same problem. I open an email from my Rida Morwa HDO subscription which contains the "Read More" hyperlink to his posted article in SA, but when I click on the link, a page that says "Yikes ... we screwed up" appears.  

SA Portfolio Missing.pdf

Here is the screenshot that appears when I click on the "Portfolio" hyperlink in your menu. Again, as I read the comments today, I am not the only person experiencing this problem.

Same situation. I cannot access any of my Portfolio information. This is extremely important info to help me manage my investments in real time. I can't believe that no one else has complained except for the two of us !!! 

I am experiencing the very same problem. To be more specific: The drop down menu listing my 20 portfolios shows the portfolios if my curser is not on the menu, but when I move the curser over to the menu to select a different portfolio, the entire drop down menu goes blank. I sent a photo of my screen showing this problem yesterday to WebSupport. Rather than address the problem, they directed me to this Feedback Forum.  

Thank you! I can now scroll down the left-column portfolio menu to see all of my portfolios. I greatly appreciate your hustle and quick work to fix this "bug". Enjoy your weekend !!! 

I sent this feedback to you a day ago ... and you haven't even bothered to send me a response or indicate it is "Under Review !!! Please let me know yet today if you plan on fixing this bug. If you don't plan on addressing it, then I need to terminate my premium subscriber membership to Rida Morwa's HDO Opportunities, quit Seeking Alpha, and move the tracking of my investments (>$1 million) to a competing service. Just let me know one way or the other !!!!!