Your comments

Ziv: I echo some of the comments about.  I don't mind ad content and it's reasonable for sites with free-content to have said ads.  However, there's something else going on with your ads that really slows down your site to a crawl, and I'm betting you know what the culprit is (hint: never ending page reloads and active-ad content (instead of simple static ads)).  Your driving your readers away -which is contradictory to the reasons why advertisers would choose SA in the first place.

I could not agree more; get the same thing going on a my at my end.  Don't know if it's the never-ending advertisements that seem to be perpetually reloading or what, but my browsers just absolutely gum up.  It's gets to the point where I have to use ctrl+alt+delete to manually close down my browser (Chrome).  SA's site is becoming an advertisement cluster-fck.