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I've been using your site for a couple months now, and find some of the articles useful. Many of your legitimate ads are still just too excessive, and have even gotten worse in some cases. Some pages have short video ads that automatically load, and offer no way to stop them. Others use animated ads that are just plain annoying and use more resources than necessary. Many pages have ads that force-reload every couple of seconds, so that particular browser tab is stuck in a reloading loop.

The following page, for example, at least for me right now, features an Arby's ad in the upper right (I don't even eat beef, and would never eat at Arby's either), which constantly reloads itself from the ad server as it alternates back and forth with a different ad for some Oppo phone. in this particular instance, it also forces the page back up to the top of the article each time it reloads, which makes it impossible to read. Ads should not be allowed to reload or refresh beyond the first page load.

I've had situations where I may have ten articles lined up in tabs to read, and Firefox locks up from all the reloading and building of browser memory. I have a custom desktop with 64gb of ram, and a GTX 1080 video card; this should not happen.

Yes, I am the original poster of this thread.