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I have detected a pattern:

This problem only occurs (at least in my case) in articles generated/written by Seeking Alpha staff.

This problem does not occur in articles written by subscribers/contributors.

Maybe this is not a problem, but a deliberate format decision by SA.

This situation continues.

I have had a similar problem for the last couple of weeks.

Only tickers beginning with the letter "A" are shown.

One of Seeking Alpha's best features is now worthless.

I am having the same problem, but only the symbols beginning with "A" are presented.

Just started today.

Still not working as of 7/14/21, 6:32 AM. But that is okay since I have found a work-around.

In my case, only the symbols beginning with "A" appear.

I want to delete UHI from my portfolio, but am unable to do so.

GetRichQuick101, thanks for keeping us up to date on David's position.

It appears that our worries about the future of Seeking Alpha are unfounded, and that what David did and how he did it were well thought out in advance.

In other words, you and I are collateral damage in the pursuit of making money.

David, I have always admired your vision for creating a platform such as this and your achievements; but, I think you have miscalculated the effect of your current change.

No one knows the threshold limit you have established because you have failed to disclose that crucial bit of information. If you know it, please let us know.

I for one am hesitant to read any articles now for fear of wasting one of my allowed views on an article I unexpectedly find worthless and then regret. So, who benefits from this situation?

Find another, reasonable, way to monetize situations like this.

We need each other, David.

Thanks, @beach_trader. I just checked again and my info is back, too.

I am curious if anyone at SA has read these posts and if anyone will try to address our concerns?

I agree. This was the only location on SA which provided the link to the companies Web Site, now it's gone.