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I have been following Chowder for several years and his Instablogs and comments that I read in November are gone.

However, he posted a comment at 12:18PM today as follows:

"I deleted them, unable to keep up with everything and manage portfolios too, so I'm cutting back on the blogs and SA to focus more on the portfolios I manage for others."

The above was a response to a post by gabby1945 that read:

"This is the first article (2015) that appears to still work.SA

is having problems. I and a few others have contacted technical support

about the loss of peoples' feed comments (Monday) and the disappearance

on Chowder's instablogs as well as articles for 2016. This is not your

problem. Sunday night everything seemed to

function correctly. The weekend is when most sites do upgrades and

regular maintenance activities. Monday was a FUBAR. starting with the

disappearance of all my feeds except email. Any search for Chowder's

blogs was a "OOPS we can't find this site type message.Today

I have my feeds until February., nothing after that. The instablogs

that are shown, at least the one I checked, has no comments and it is a

year old.
The Dividend Growth Investing MindsetThis

is the first one that has comments and it is old but I'm hoping you all

get notice that this one is working and you can see this message.

old Marine (Chowder) works hard on these articles and instablogs,

trying to answer any question or statement that needs further

explanation. I thought I would try to contact those that post and have a

desire to know what is happening. There are tech savvy people here, and

those that are not so much. It isn't anything you or your computer can

fix--it is a site problem.Enjoy your day and keep your fingers crossed that the technical people of SA can fix what needs to be fixed sooner than later."

So the problem is not with SA, but rather a shift in direction by Chowder.

Thanks for reaching out to me about the "problem", which is resolved.