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As of March 29, 20221 - MONTHS LATER - NOW I can't even get into the system to try to add another on this. Site is now virtually unusable. Please fix this or I'll find another site. And yes: ALL adblockers are OFF

Ha! My bad: I didn't read the entire point made by Apple Dan and Restated his points. A good mind is a good mind. And now you know I REALLY agree.

This bloody absolutely. I have wasted nearly A HALF AN HOUR having to scroll down LONG comment threads and open and open and open and open and open and open .... IF and I do mean IF you have a REASON for this - i.e. really long comment threads that have to open all comments at once cause a problem - which would be a good reason to do this, you should ONLY do this IF YOU CREATE ONE BUTTON that can be clicked UP TOP to unfold ALL REPLIES AT ONCE. Really bloody annoying.

So here's a related issue. I just spent half an hour trying to sign in to give a comment on penetrationtest's comment but whenever I clicked on Signin ... it did nothing. I finally had to go to Microsoft Edge and go to the main page of Seeking Alpha so that my account "caught" and it magically signed me in and THEN I had to go back to the discussion page and it had "held on" to my sign-in in the upper left corner and let me post here. So ... more issues. 

What I was GOING to say to penetrationtest was that one thing you can try is to TURN OFF any EXTENSIONS you are using in your browser. Then turn them back on one by one to see if any of them are causing the error. It turned out for me - using Opera Browser - that one of my extensions was causing the problem and if I turn that extension off when I want to read an SA article it will suddenly stop the Press and Hold to view problem. 

Not fixed. As soon as I opened three SA articles in a short - minute or two - period of time I got the Press and HOOOLLLDD  Reference ID: d38fce10-18e0-11eb-9dfb-859fe3f601cc  I use the Opera Browser.

Good news is that hovering the mouse over a ticker almost always gets pop up information now, bad news is still press and hold after press and hold after press and hold ...

Any movement on this? REALLY REALLY annoying and hard on the fingers.

Reference ID: 8a8c34b0-135e-11eb-ad39-bbe08e0d027c

Same thing over and over and OVER.  

MY  Reference ID: 8a8c34b0-135e-11eb-ad39-bbe08e0d027c

Same problem all of a sudden and nothing has changed in my system.