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wow, this thread started 2 years ago, but no Canadian tickers added

to me as a Canadian, this is a big drawback for using SA portfolios

this thread with 11 upvotes does not reflect the true demand for Cdn tickers

I am thinking maybe you guys fixed part of the problem, but not all of it. The main problem, to be clear, is this.

I click a link to an article, the new page opens, and... the cursor is in the search box. Why is it in the search box? I want the read the article I just navigated to by clicking the link to the article. Do I want to search? No. I want to be able to scroll down the article by using the usual ways like down arrow and space bar (the 'page down' alias). Also when the page refreshes itself (like the home page), I do not want it to put the cursor back in the search box. 

I hope this is clear as to what the problems are that I encounter.

Thank you...

Hi Daniel,

It is still the same. Any navigation leads to the search box, can't use arrow down or space bar to scroll. The navigation in general is erratic depending on where on the page you are (top, below top, or in comments section) and when and how you hit the F5/refresh or backspace button. 

Are the developers using the website themselves? Doesn't look like they do. And don't you guys have a sandbox for new development to test it out before pushing it into production?

Don't mean to be mean; just annoyed.