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Thanks for the inquiry. This feature is going to be removed very soon from the website, as it is no longer a true reflection of rankings. 

It should read "Hover over any user's "Following" button and click "Unfollow" to stop following that user." Clicking that button will give the Unfollow option. 

Hi Aaron,

At this point you can't send a message to all followers at once, but contributors can send a message to all new followers. Go here to draft your message. Coming soon - all of a contributor's blog posts will be sent to followers in the daily email of content by people they follow, so you'll be able to get a message to all followers that way. Track the contributor forums for more on that. 

It means that the article is now behind our PRO paywall. This applies to all articles with a focus ticker that have been live on the site for 10 days.

Hi Michael - this will help selected articles stand out to readers, and will be showcased on the left sidebar of your profile page (in a category called Author's Picks). Any article accessed from there will not be placed behind the paywall. You can choose up to 5 such articles. For more on this, please go here.

I understand you were contacted by our Contributors dept. If anyone is encountering similar issues in getting set up, please reach out to for assistance.

Hi Kirk - I believe Leena reached out to you directly about this at the time. If anyone has similar issues or questions, please contact Thanks!

Hi there - I'll be sending you an email with some suggestions about this.

Hi Manuel - we'll look into the status of your account as well and circle back. I'd encourage any contributor with similar concerns to contact Thanks!