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If you do add ticker symbol new, then try to open it, postings start to display then the whole app itself crashes.  Deleted ticker, re-added, tried opening it again, same result.  Uninstalled the app completely, downloaded and installed again, same steps, same result.  What is it with new additions that you can’t open and review them.  This app version is sadly more unstable.


.  Seeing same result, duplicate/split notifications, today.



Restarting device never seemed to shake the issue, but tried it anyways. Do readily upgrade apps when update is available, and that didn’t seem to help. Gets worse at times, so on reading your response, I completely deleted your app, restarted device and reinstalled the app with whatever you had as latest updates. Been running it a week now and haven’t seen the issue reoccur, sometimes see notification available yet I already downloaded them, but for now not seeing duplicates as before. I use this app daily for investments, it’s been great to me, so very interested on it working, and will keep monitoring its stability and let you know if this issue returns. I thank you for reaching out and responding. Sincerely,

This issue is still occurring and is VERY annoying

Have an iphone 6+, find that frequently notifications come in as duplicates by title.  If open first of duplicates, it only shows top of the article and any comments and appears to churn trying to display rest of article.  If open second of duplicates, then see the remaining body of first duplicate that would not load and churns.  Weird that if close and reopen app later in day or so, that duplication seems to self correct, but this delays ability to read postings until these duplicates correct themselves.  Sad to have to delete these dups just to get rid of them vs being able to read author articles they worked hard on.  Dups almost seem like a fork and splits content across the dups vs resolving as one complete notification.  Please fix, thx.