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Not only are you degrading the desktop to the mobile look, people DON'T LIKE the mobile look even when on a phone!  Look how often people click desktop view.  

They broke it again. This is crazy how often they mess with the site and degrade it.  

Cut and pasting this answer is actually non responsive.  He's not asking about what is nice about the new page.  He's just asking if he can go back to the old one.  You would have answered his question by just saying "no".


Stop cut and pasting the same defensive response that doesn't address people

s issues like wanting to see the ARTICLES.  And stop labeling your own posts as completed and answer, when they are just debating and disagreeing with user feedback.

Take off the IT goggles and think about how people consume content.  Would you put the stock tickers at the front of the WSJ and force people to go to the back to get articles?

The web developer is going to post another response that just doesn't listen to the concern and defends the change.  And then he will mark it completed and answer, which stops us from downvoting him.

The collapsing is mildly helpful, but it's still a miserable default and requires a click each time to do it (like clicking view headlines).  And then even after you've done it, you have several lines at the top of useless crud, before getting to the old article view.

Do you IT web people think about what people are actually reading on the site?  How long eyes are on articles and how long on stock prices?  

Somebody in SA is getting paid to screw around with the web pages and does it from an IT standpoint, with no thinking from a media standpoint.

This is a miserable change.  Looks like some IT person needed to justify themselves and screwed around to do something. 

Who wants all the stock prices like that?  It's not like we can trade on your platform. 

Your content is your articles.  Don't bury your content. 

You are screwing up.

It's miserable.  There is some (natural, human nature) defensiveness of the SA coders.'s miserable.

"the only clear problem"

No. (A) Default to newest is not desirable (read things in chrono order) and (B) that you have to manually change setting every time you come to each page