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new format is terrible.  when I have notifications I am not aware of which ones are new

Happened again.  MPLX recent article by Trapping Value......Spanish Moss tagged me but it did not show in notifications.  I came across it when I saw someone replied but I was not tagged.

It doesn't happen all the time but it did twice this morning on the article I referenced.  Thank you for looking into this.  I appreciate it immensely.  .  

Only see about half the time when someone tags me.  I know this because when I go back to an article I see someone tagging me but it does not show in notification.  What is going on ?

Go to Sitemap I believe it is called on the bottom of their page....Somewhere is a place to delete your account.

The comments I see are also getting out of hand with so much political stuff that they don't delete....I don't come

here to waste my time scanning over useless political and childish comments whenever an article leans toward politics.

Dan - If showing what someone subscribed to has a purpose, then OK...But I see no purpose

at all in showing a subscription status..  How about those who subscribe and don't want anything

to be shown ?

I don't see any benefit showing who paid for what....It proves nothing...Other than to make those

who are not payers feel cheap ? 

Yes quite confusing and it proves nothing - - What is the benefit of showing it ?