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Dear SA help&support staff,

It has been nearly a month now since latest format changes disrupting  the ability to : Blog  article follow track/untrack . This issue also affects the ability to receive notifications via the ('" bell") for new comments posted, and their is no color indicator (new) post in the comment section thread read.

Currently the only option on Blog page view /comment section header options (three vertical dots furthest to the right) , is "expand all". 

This frustrating and somewhat alienating issue/glitch I have found to be only affecting SA basic/free Blog sites/articles. As all other  articles i.e. SA Wall Street Breakfast is unaffected. 

(I am not interested in load/congestion of my email with constant notifications on a article follow monitoring for new comments , when already on the SA website performing due-dil various investment activity.)

There are several topic related user feedback concerns posted on this forum regarding this issue, but as of yet , no responses in acknowlegment or update of potential changes ):

I do hope for SA's sake this is addressed in a timely matter .

SA subscriber since 2014 thanks you.

A week later from prev. post inquiry no option to track/untrack (follow/unfollow) blog. ? where should I better direct these concerns to SA support team?

@ smarkris , Same issue occurring here:...... @deercreekvols, No specific issues with the blog (you did ask for dm feedback regarding the new format ) I chose public to bring this specific issue to attention all.

If you go to SA wall street breakfast newest post , scroll down to where "sort by" option box the right of it , are 3vertical dots , another option for track/untrack and expand all. What I am referring to is , on the newest formatted WSb blog ...the option to track/untrack is unavailable , only shows option to expand all.

I'll take this concern up with SA/support and thank you for your reply.

SA support team request investigation and provide direction. thank you .

Thanks PC & SA , the rules should be same as articles follow/ unfollow, simple.