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i have been unable to open anything on SA for some time...the message is that i've run out of free articles..

what's happened???odht


i agree..i have not spent time on SA for a while, and now i just pulled up my portfolio and every stock i selected had all articles, but perhaps one very recent one, locked!! 

and, i notice that almost all the commenters showing next to the portfolio are unknown to me.

I regrettably am finding SA of little value to me, whereas over the past several years it has been an invaluable resource for me as an individual investor.


on IOS there is no requirement to sign in unless i set it up that way, which i prefer not.

on this website on my mac using safari i am now required to sign in EVERY time which is indeed an annoying hassle!! 

i do not feel it is your job to make that decision for the user.  if nothing else, it should be OPTIONAL.

i also cannot see where the mere listing of stocks one may be interested in causes a security challenge.

i have now whitelisted on my Adblock and will see if this makes a difference.

stk prices not displaying in sa app

i am unable to see any way to post in feedback forum other than social media. Are there other means? Or perhaps instructions on how to post outside of social media participation