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Thanks for the fix. Stuff seems to be working now.

Now two weeks and nothing. Anyone following should vote up this topic. Squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Been a week and crickets are chirping.

When I rated the fix yesterday as "unsatisfactory" it was because line break got broken. After the wrap-around fix It now behaves like paragraph break. That's not right. In essence, line break got broken when the wrap-around line problem was fixed. The technician claimed line break has behaved like paragraph break for more than a year. That's not true. I provided a link showing how line break worked correctly on an older article from June 2020. 

Well, things have since changed. 

That link now shows the same error. My guess is as web caches are refreshed the new version of line break reprocesses the content on those links. Hence the link I provided now shows line breaks improperly as paragraph breaks. It's likely this anomalous new line break behavior will gradually propagate through older articles as web caches are refreshed. 

See a snapshot of the comment linked yesterday when it still looked good. The picture below shows line break behaving normally.

The above picture shows that line break used to work normally. Unfortunately line break got broken after the wrap-around problem was reported and fixed. Line break needs to be fixed.

The fix makes line break act like paragraph break. That's not right. It wasn't this way prior to July 20.

Please fix. Appreciate a reply. Thanks.

Just had another thought...

It's been my impression that the SA Feedback Forum is a separate system from the one used by folks to make comments on articles. This provides an opportunity to see how newline is processed here versus in comments. Below is a test list...

First element in the list.

Second element in the list.

Third element in the list.

Fourth element in the list.

Above is a list which has no blank lines separating elements. Newline is correctly processed in the SA Feedback Forum. Both paragraphs and lists are displayed as they should be.

But newline is not yet processed correctly in comments for articles.

@Daniel Hochman

It's still broken on this article...

Also broken on this article...

Oddly enough the article below is OK...

Not sure why some are OK and others are broken. Please fix this. Thanks.

Daniel - "Does this only happen... ?"

No, this appears to be a global anomaly that is new and occurs retroactively on all comments. Links are also neutralized and turned into plain text. See link below.

That comment now looks like a hideous wall of text below the article. Go to my profile and see how it used to look yesterday and all days before. Note also the link is now text.

Please fix this abomination. It's everywhere. Must have happened last night. Thanks.

P.S. - It is literally everywhere and reaches back to older comments.

See another example and compare with my profile:

I got tired of constantly reasserting "Oldest" sort after each refresh and consigned myself to tolerating "Newest" sort. But after being notified about Ian Farbrother's observation today, I changed the sort order to "Oldest" and refreshed. Sort stayed "Oldest" despite refresh. Cool.

Yeah, it seems SA has added a feature where the sort order is now sticky. It even remembers the way you set it and keeps this sort across all articles. Nice. I like to read things in chronological order, while other folks can read in reverse order if they prefer. Can always change the sort if you need to. Everybody gets what they want when they want it.

Default sort is now user selected. Thanks SA for fixing this.

My earlier feedback was intended to be categorized under "Bugs" not "Ideas". But this issue is now moot as the problem seems to have fixed itself.