Your comments

SA has become my main source of financial information, and I support it modernizing.  I would like to offer some constructive feedback, building on my comment I left when prompted by the home screen chat box.

1. The article/portfolio layout is less functional.  Previously, both articles and portfolios were conveniently viewed simultaneously.  Switching between the two was easy, and depending on portfolio sizes, limited scrolling was involved.  The new, more Y! Finance/Guru Focus/TipRanks set-up now involves a lot of scrolling, particularly on populous portfolios, and the intra-portfolio scroll bar is gone, making the page even longer.  It seems like there's a lot of wasted side-space, which I get if you want to make room for ads, that's the best place to put them, but I'd hate to see my now-favorite platform sacrifice usability, particularly with such a healthy subscription service already built in.

2. Portfolio view is tedious.  The page got substantially longer when not hiding the other other portfolios in a drop-down list.  One of the worst features of Y! Finance is, in order to get updates on all the stocks I do on SA, I have to scroll for ages down the screen just to see the whole portfolio.  Editing causes some similar strain.  No longer is it a simple "edit" button that changes the stock information into add/delete/move functions in the portfolio view.  It's now a whole separate pop-up window, and one that's larger still with no scroll bar, so the page got even longer that before...

I'm not necessarily saying it needs to revert back entirely, but there's definitely interface reasons I chose SA over the three aforementioned platforms that are also quite informative.  No one had the user interface functionality SA had.  Perhaps it's a matter of adding the scroll bars back into the portfolio drop downs, and hiding the unselected portfolios in a drop-down list, maintaining the editing functions within the portfolio drop downs, and showing fewer stocks in the portfolio at the top (so as to require scrolling through the portfolio).  Perhaps a more functional portfolio view would appear like a grid in the stagnant-sized box above the articles, such that instead of a 10-ticker list, it could be a 20-ticker grid.

I also imagine given a choice, I'd revert back to the old view.  But it may be convenient for the wide-age-range catered to here if there was an option to enlarge fonts, to reduce the need to enlarge the whole view with ctrl+.