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Thanks Daniel, but don't understand. By turning off, do you mean going thru entire ptf one by one. No all or none option? I thought (cd be wrong) I saw an option to not receive all "stock related" alerts. Which wd have left me with just the more manageable authors. Since turning off either one still leaves the symbol with no check marks, it means I wdnt have to recreate the ptf post vacation, but cd simply recheck those I want, correct?

Another problem: I finally found a "stop" mode for stock-connected blogs (while on vacation), but that is no longer on the new mail alerts page. How do I do it beside using junk mail option which will load up that box to the tune of a couple hundred per day?

clearing cache does zilch. I was having this problem with about one in five SA sites with same maddening ignoring of the continue plea. I blamesd it on Kaspersjy but it was really SA. And the fix --by googling--is somewhere in settings--to remove the "ask me" option re "invalid" certificates didn't work either. The problem is with SA.