Your comments

Jacob, I found a drop down menu for "News" that contains, "Latest Stocktalks," but that is generic to all stocks.

Such a generic forum  for posting notes may satisfy an ego need for the poster, but is unseen and thus worthless for individuals interested in discussing a specific stock from all of the thousands out there. 

My simple suggestion is to do what yahoo successfully accomplished for years in providing a forum for each specific stock by making it directly accessible from its own quote page.

Jacob, I am clueless about a "stocktalks" feature. I scanned over a quote page, and could not find any reference to "ratings" or "stocktalks" The link you provided does not work--it produces a "Yikes" error message. 

Judging by the label of "stocktalks,." that sounds like it would provide the forum mechanism I am suggesting, but right now its existence and link is a mystery.

Daniel, My suggestion for organizing the quote page is likely not the kind you are looking for, but nevertheless may be useful and popular as a new feature. Years ago, the yahoo stock forums were popular, and sometimes helpful for provoking good discussions. Yahoo made some kinds of changes, and now the user forums are mainly empty.  

As of  now, for SA users to achieve any extended discussions of stocks, we post at the end (now up front) of the latest SA stock blog. The suggestion is to attach a user forum access button within the stock quote page.