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I've been having the same problem for days.  I use an iPhone too.  I tried re-installing the App, but that did not resolve the problem. 

I have the same problem on my iPhone.  I tried re-installing the Seeking Alpha app on my iPhone, but that still did not resolve the problem.

same problem here on my iPhone.   When I hit search or "new ticker", the app shuts down and returns me to iPhone home screen.

I am having this problem on my iPhone 5 as well.  When I try to add a new stock to my portfolio the app closes down entirely.  I only have a couple dozen stocks in my portfolio.  Same thing happens when I hit the search icon on top right of screen.  I did try to delete the app and re-install again, but it did not resolve the issue.  Please fix this bug soon.

Yes, I have same problem.  when I tap the "new ticker" button or search button, the app closes down entirely and I see my home screen on iPhone 5.  I deleted and re-installed the Seeking Alpha app, but the problem still remains.