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Thank you for catching this mistake! Will be rectified. 

Hi and thank-you for reaching out to the business development team! There is a significant volume of BD requests to process but the team is endeavoring to reply as soon as possible.

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We see your email address as already unsubscribed to Must Reads. Can you please post here a screenshot of new deliveries?

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Thanks for the feedback. I scroll fine with Apple Mail on my MacBook Air. Can you please attach a screenshot of what you are experiencing? Thanks 

One-click-unsubscribe for Must Read newsletter appears to be working fine. If you can demonstrate otherwise please attach here a screenshot, thank you.

Hi - there is are multiple unsubscribe links in the Must Read newsletter. Randy - I have unsubscribed you and you should not receive it again. wphill - you are already unsubscribed so it appears you already clicked on the link. You should not receive it again. 

Hello 'privately' - my name is Amitai and I am responsible for these Premium articles in the newsletters. I understand that you are not interested in Premium content and that is perfectly fine. Feel free to continue to receive valuable, unlocked investing ideas for free - no need to click on the Premium articles. Thank you for sharing your feedback.

Thank you for the question. Regarding #1: This email was intended for users who have not been on the site for a while. Apologies for inadvertently and mistakenly including you in this audience. It was a glitch in our data system.

Regarding #2: When The Heisenberg posts a new article it is typically free for everyone for the first 10 days. Afterwards that it is typically reserved for PREMIUM & PRO+ subscribers. I assume it was this kind of content you were trying to access. 

Regarding what the button 'free trial' is "supposed to mean" - clicking on the button provides more details about the subscription plan. For more information about the different plans you can, if you choose, click/go here:

This is not a new policy - it was implemented more than a year ago. 

Hope this answered your questions. 

Thank you Turk for sharing your trading process and the compliments. The brief overview is available for all the stocks we cover and it is free of charge for everyone. You can find it here: Stock symbol --> Key Data --> Overview

Here it is for Micron:

Good luck! 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The issue is fixed - you should be able to continue the conversation on commented articles.