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Hi - yes you can do that. There is an RSS feed link on your author profile page.

We have a number of recent news articles on PVG, thank you.

We don't see any issues on our end. If the problem persists please let us know.

Thank you for pointing this out. We will fix it.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you please provide additional details such as: which posts, which pages, tickers, which browser you are using, etc. A screenshot would also be helpful if possible. 

Looks to me like it is showing for VEND. Can you please check again and report if something is missing and if so - which ones? Thanks

Thank you very much for the update! We will be replacing the Google Plus buttons with Google Account sign-in buttons soon.

Is anyone else experiencing this? If so please click +1.

Thank you for the suggestion. Can you please specify which page you are referring to and where on the page? A stock quote or portfolio, for example?